Saturday, March 10, 2012

Which Astrology system to follow?

While there are several Astro systems across the world, the ones I prefer to use are India`s KP ( Krishnamurti Paddathi) System and the western zero Ayanamsa system. Any particular reason? My experience simply happens to be only in these two systems, that`s why!
Time and again I will refer to the natal chart of Nifty Futures and not Nifty, because Iam unsure of the exact date of first trade of Nifty.Rest rules shall come as we go along.Iam a practical guy and so Iam not much inclined towards esoteric or spiritual angles of Astrology.While Iam aware of such existences and I respect them, this blog will confine to mostly "use of Astro tools in trading", our primary motive being to make money through Astro Trading.

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