Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nifty April 16 to 20, 2012 Astro view


  1. hi,
    are we expecting Nifty to close low today?

  2. Hi Geet,
    I expect this meandering to continue till about 2.55 pm and thereafter an up move, though not very strong. It looks like the markets may open strongly up on Monday. So be careful with your shorts closer to today`s close. So maybe the market will close marginally negative, but away from the lows.
    Of course please use your regular TA to guide you better.

  3. Thanks Ashish. This only tells us that the market moves according to the drumbeats of the celestial bodies.And careful analysis could reveal the rhythms. However, this is just one swallow. We need a whole flock to make a summer.
    Let us continue from the studies and learn from our mistakes..

  4. Suresh ji- Your astro analysis stands out. Its a pleasant surprise to see one analyze this way specially becuase of the 'negative' experience people have had with phony astrocists.

  5. Dear Ashish,
    Once upon a time even Elliott wave and the other technical tools we use nonchalantly today were new and strange. Only when some people took interest enough to study and apply it diligently did results come about.Similarly is the case with Astro technicals.Even if we get some 25% more probability about future moves, it will be enough to make a difference. For me it is an interest and a passion. Iam sure I will make many mistakes but possibly over time, Iam also sure we will have a trading system which is consistent.Thanks a million for your encouragement.