Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals June 18 to 22, 2012

Look at the red arrows:It is interesting to see the correlation between New Moons and recent Nifty peaks.Only on May 18th did Nifty form a trough. Rest all were crests.Between the New Moon and the immediate First Quarter Moon, we always had a reversal.It is interesting to note that June 19th is the next New Moon...
Coming to the black arrows.The down arrow formed on May 17th was Retrograde Venus forming a trine with retrograde Saturn.We had expected an orb of 12 trading days for a low formation.
Precisely on June 04, 2012, Nifty formed a significant low.
The slant up arrow is of May 16, 2012: Mars trine Pluto.A secondary top forms within 7 trading days. This expectation was covered in my May 21-25 post.
See my post of May 21 captioned: "Some interesting Gann Angles:" Two turning dates were pointed out. One was June 05th.Nifty formed a significant low on June 04th.(4770.35)The next turning date is June 18, 2012.June 19th is a New Moon.On June 18th, Moon is at a maximum declination and will turn southwards. June 21, is also the Summer Solstice.
Now, on June 13th we had a powerful Sun trine retrograde Saturn. The maximum orb of this aspect is 11 trading days, that is June 27..June 27 is also  the first quarter Moon after New Moon.Saturn is becoming direct on June 26th. This is another powerful crest formation signature.
So it looks like the markets will go up first on Monday, then reverse back during the next two days to 5000 levels and then pole vault to 5350 range by June 26, 2012, after which the down trend may resume in full earnest.


  1. Good analysis Suresh. Let us see how the fortnight unfolds. Thx

  2. Dear sometimesbullsometimesbear,
    Markets after opening higher tumbled rather dramatically.Moon declination, immediately followed by a New Moon is unusual and a reversal formation.And the GANN Angle was spot on!But I do not think a major reversal will follow. There is still scope for the uptrend to resume, because the markets have a destiny dance with the stars on June 26/ 27!