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Nifty Astro Technicals-July 02 to 06, 2012

Wow! What a break out we had last Friday!Nifty moved out of an ascending triangle trading pattern on higher volumes, to begin the next leg upwards.We have been expecting an upward break out-see the links of posts, given below:

We had one more observation made on June 17, 2012, in the blog post given below.

",,,Interestingly Saturn is becoming direct in Libra, exactly one day after Uranus-Pluto Square-on June 25,2012.Time band for this effect is 2 to 7 trading days: June 27th to July 04th, 2012.Typically it may be a reversal from a market top.
Venus is becoming direct on June 28, 2012.Manifestation time band is 4 to 11 days.Fourth day happens to be  coinciding day with Saturn effect day-July 4th. Even though Saturn direct leads to troughs and recovery from troughs,markets have reversed from tops as well.Could that be because of Venus occultation?
Also Venus is in Gemini and so duality may be experienced. Which means there is a chance that the markets may reverse yet again upwards on July 13, 2012.
So a roller coaster ride seem to be on the cards in the next two weeks..." 

Saturn became direct on June 25 and Venus on June 28, 2012. Both these powerful signatures have left a mark on the markets, which we saw on Friday, the world over.

What next?
Let us first look at the wave counts:

The next leg of the impulsive C seems to have commenced. My immediate bias  for resistance,  is the area between 5319 to 5375.

In fact, there are several resistances over head and the current move from 4770, in the hourly charts looks like a rising wedge.

Looking at the weekly cycles, the current uptrend marks the beginning of a new cycle. Nifty cycles last between 11 to 18 weeks.With just 4 weeks into the uptrend, some more climbing up is left. The problem is the planetary headwinds.. ..
 And here are the astro factors....

03 July 18:15 Sayana Mars moves into Libra
02 July: Moon in Sagittarius: Sun in Cancer: Venus in Gemini: Mercury in Leo
03 & 04July: Moon in Capricorn:: Sun in Cancer: Venus in Gemini: Mercury in Leo
05 & 06 July Moon in Aquarius; Sun in Cancer: Venus in Gemini: Mercury in Leo

Lunar Movements are indicating increased volatility and reversals once Moon moves into Pisces and beyond, which is the subject matter of next week.
25 June 2012 13.29.57: Transiting Saturn comes one degree and four minutes of becoming trine with Natal Sun and 52 minutes of a trine with Natal Venus. Simultaneously, transiting Saturn comes within one degree and 53 minutes of forming a trine with Natal Uranus. In all three cases, Saturn by moving away is reducing the bullish formation, but very slowly.
25 June 2012 13.26 hrs: Jupiter square Neptune .Orb is 8 trading days which is within July 05 2012. The current break out of the trading range is well connected to this aspect. Bullish.
27 June 2012 20.36.36: Transiting Venus becomes direct and comes to 1 deg 3 min of a trine with Natal Neptune. Bullish.
29 June 2012 20.31 hrs: Sun opposite Pluto. Sun Square Uranus. (Both applying).Again orb is of 8 trading days. Within June 11th. This aspect may have effect closer to the third quarter Moon of July 11th. It is a sign of reversal depending on the preceding direction of the market. Bearish after July 11, 2012.
29 June 2012 21.07 hrs: Jupiter trine Mercury. Short term Bullish.
29 June 2012 23.15.40 hrs Heliocentric Moon conjunct Pluto. Short term Bullish.
30 June 2012 14.40 hrs: Mercury trine Rahu. Mercury Sextile Ketu. Bullish.
02 July 2012 02.01.13 Heliocentric Mars sextile Pluto. Bullish.
02 July 2012 18.10.54 Heliocentric Venus trines Jupiter. Bullish.
.02 July 10.26 hrs Transiting Mercury opposite Natal Neptune. Bearish. Issues regarding crude and its effect on our Economy.
03 July 2012 05.40 hrs: Jupiter conjunct Ketu. Opposite Rahu. Very Bullish. Especially since Ketu is a big benefic for Nifty.
03 July 2012 18.56 hrs Mars moves into Libra, a cardinal sign. Action energy picks up. Everything Mars does will get exaggerated.
03 July 2012 09.46.19 Heliocentric Saturn squares Venus. Bearish.
04 July 2012 18.56 hrs Venus trine Mercury. Mildly bullish.
05 July 2012 08.05 a.m. Venus trine Uranus. Very bullish. With an orb of six trading days, crest formation are seen most often. Another aspect which tells us that the time band of July 11 to 13 points to a good reversal.
05 July 2012 07.18 hrs. Moon trine Mars. Mildly bullish.
06 July 2012 02.01.54 hrs: Heliocentric Mercury moves into Sagittarius. Gold will start seeing big moves. Will this be a sign of reversal in the commodity space?
06 July 2012 14.21.23 hrs: Heliocentric Mercury square Neptune. Another head ache for oil traders. Too much of confusing news flow will exaggerate movements in oil trade.
By 6 July, 2012, progressively the bullish formation is reducing steam, when we consider the Natal and transit positional play between the planets of Nifty. However no significant negative aspects are developing.
07 July 2012 19.17.34 hrs Heliocentric Venus sextile Uranus. Augurs well for bulls.
08 July 2012 02.41.01 hrs: Heliocentric Mercury trine Uranus. Bullish.
08 July 2012 12.28.20 hrs; Heliocentric Mercury sextile Venus. Same effect as on July 05.See a good upward movement but be aware that a counter move  is round the corner.
09 July 23.46 hrs: Transiting Mercury trine Natal Pluto till 24 July 2012.This is a big bear. Takes time to develop.
10 July 2012 09.14 hrs: Moon square Pluto.
10 July 2012 10.17 hrs: Moon conjunct Uranus.
10 July 2012 05.36 hrs Moon sextile Jupiter.
By June 10, bull moves become less volatile.
Our bias is the markets could move up higher with minor corrections, but turn cautious by next week, especially after third quarter moon on July 11, 2012.
 Have a wonderful week!

As usual check with your advisers before taking any positions based on opinions here.


  1. Sureshji..4 july or 3rd july is full calender showing 3rd july???Thx

    1. Dear Bizagra,

      Full Moon is actually at 12.22 am on July 04.That is 22 minutes after 12 midnight, between July 3 and 4.Now, traditional Indian systems of time measurement is from Sunrise to Sunrise, for a full day calculation. That is 5.30 am from July 03 to 5.30 am of July 04 is considered only as July 03.
      International system says that the time change is from 12 midnight.
      So a time of 12.22 am, is July 03 by Indian calculation and is July 04 by International calculation.Here, both mean the same.
      Anyway the effect will be visible on July 04, in the day time.



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