Monday, August 13, 2012

A Heliocentric view of Nifty

In Financial astrology, we normally take earth as the centre and see the planetary positions in relation to the earth. There is another school of astrology which considers Sun to be the centre. This is called Helio centric Astrology.Here Sun will be fixed, at 0 degree of Aries. Rahu and Ketu are not considered in this system.The advanced methodology takes into consideration, several trans uranian asteroids and treats them as additional planets.
For the time being let us stick to the basics and see how Heliocentric astrology applies to Nifty.
Here is the first trade chart of Nifty futures:
Planets in the tenth house are considered important.Whenever there are aspects to them or
whenever these planetary aspects or their variations occur, we may expect reactions in the market.
Let us see two examples:
One high and one low:
  Here is the Heliocentric  astro chart for January 08, 2008:
See how intimately Jupiter and Saturn are involved with the other planets? Mercury moves faster than Moon when seen from the Sun   and may act as a trigger., along with the Moon.

Here again apart from the observations given, Mercury forming a   trine with  Moon and Saturn, when Mercury travels from 2 deg Capricorn to 18 degrees is another powerful trigger factor leading to a low.

Moving on to the present, these are the observations:
 Since we do not find a Jupiter -Saturn engagement there is no expectation of a significant high or low.The other planetary combinations seem to indicate the trend of the week.
We may watch and see how it unfolds this week.A market which holds out against negative aspect is considered strong. Most often there will be some underlying reason, which was not unearthed.
Please give your views on this astro methodology.You are welcome to correct my errors.My take is anything which can improve our trading is welcome. And like the old adage, if all rivers lead to the sea, then all proper astro methodologies should lead to the same conclusion.



  1. Sir, i do not have any knowledge of Astrology
    But, above explanation can giving Sign of Weakness in Nifty Or Fall will come ??

    1. Dear friend, ( I did not get your name)
      Yes, the astro set up is hinting at some correction. My take is correction could gather steam next week. We are yet to perfect a methodology on knowing what could be the approximate extent of the fall.Iam sure very soon we will have some method to know that.
      In the meantime, how should you use such information? We use technical analysis. Of the various tools available, most are lagging indicators.One reasonably good tool is Elliott Wave Theory. There again, the wave counts are subject to several kinds of interpretation. So I have chosen the Neo Wave Method propagated by Glenn Nealy.This method helps us to project price lines and immediate price movements. If those match with the astro readings then we can be somewhat more confident of the immediate moves of Nifty.
      Iam beginning to see correlation happening, but we have a lot to understand to make it a perfect system.
      In the meantime Iam also experimenting with various types of Astrology. Out of the Indian systems ( there are several!) Iam using KP Astrology.I find that several in-depth research has been conducted by Western Astrologers. As a trader Iam only interested in knowing what works. So Iam also projecting observations in Western System.
      So while we try to understand the market movements through astrology, let us take positions only when we get price confirmation.
      In other words, if we expect the market to fall, let the price weaken below an immediate support first.And always trade only with stop losses. Iam just being cautious that is all.

  2. Sir I am following your astrology technical chart. Only two days are remind. you are mention the chart market will crass 5000 level. how it will possible? I will wait and see

    1. Dear Prabhakharan,
      I think you have missed the updation. Levels of 5032 which the market reached earlier is the dip which we had expected. Price movements have since been upwards. Now the expectation is that we may have a dip from around the current levels ( 5401 was a previous top)-and then move upwards in a C wave.Then we have a period of congestion, where prices move down lower, before a final burst upwards. From there expect a big decline.
      These are astro expectations. Price has to confirm with its movements in the expected directions.
      Moreover, this has to be correlated with the daily movements. For example today despite Saturn being favorable, because it was afflicted with Mars,the market did not go up. Tomorrow also the market is liable to turn down, because of Mercury. This despite Mercury being in Saturn star.Also we are on to a New Moon. This typically is a period of reversal.But turning down does not mean a crash please. If I get such an indication I will faithfully put it in the blog.Please follow the technicals for levels.

  3. Suresh-ji

    My head is rotating fast than the "planets" :) :D as i am BIG ZERO in astro. But always keeping in mind "the uranus pluto" of your's.

    Yeah..once the effect starts it's simple for bears to "vanish" the +ve ness + within 2 days it will complete the job of the bulls which it took long time to climb. I think time permits dig DOW's fate too. i think it may start showing some -ve ness. then "ring O ring O roses" .

    Doing amazing work sirji..keep it up. let me try to learn atleast the planets name :)


  4. Dear Sujatha,

    Do you think I need to put up a small tutorial explaining the basics of Financial Astrology? It will be real fun only if you understand the principles.As for Uranus Pluto Square we saw how in the past the US Markets made a significant low between the first square and the second.
    This time round, U-P Square first happened on June 04. Next is in September 19, 2012. Iam expecting a significant low between these dates. There will be other planetary Aspects which will go us clues.

    Warm Regards