Monday, August 20, 2012

Astro picture of Nifty August 21 to 24, 2012

Often, Moon channelizes the pent up energies in planetary aspects and releases them, to form events. On August 21, Moon is square Venus and opposite Uranus. So the earlier Venusian square- opposition energy involving Uranus and Pluto of August 16th may find expression by way of a decline, on August 21, 2012.

Mars and Saturn were conjunct on August 15.After that we had trading for two days. This orb is in effect till 8 days, which is till August 28th. However, Moon is conjunct Saturn at 05.30 am on August 22, 2012. It will be conjunct Mars at 11.54 am on the same day. So we may see a restricted decline. Why restricted? Because they happen to be opposite energies.In fact we may expect recovery after 12.43 pm,when Sun sextiles Moon and Mars.

If nothing happens that means the succeeding aspect is overpowering the current energy play. For example, only hours later, at 04.27 pm, Moon will trine Neptune. Neptune and Sun are within 2 degrees of an opposition, due on August 24. However my take is that since it is a Rahu day and Rahu is square Sun, we may still have an initial decline followed by a recovery.

On August 24, at 17.08 pm, Moon conjuncts Rahu, this is squaring Sun which is in opposition to Neptune. This could mark a reversal of the declining trend.See the notations on the graph above for more information.

Some of the major aspects in the coming weeks:

Venus was square Uranus on August 16 th. Nine trading days orb is between Aug 16 and 29th.Chances of having a crest and then a trough are high, in this time band.

Venus was opposite Pluto on August 15th. Again the trading orb is 7 to 10 days. So a crest is expected on both counts closer to August 28th.

Sun opposes Neptune on August 24. With an orb of 8 trading days we may expect a big reversal from a crest. (2:1 chances of a trough).This is a powerful signature and the date of signification is September 04, 2012.

On August 29, 2012, Sun forms a waning trine with Pluto. Another signature with 9 trading day orb! September 10th is the date. This pertains to formation or culmination of intermediate tern cycles.

On September 02, Venus forms a waning trine with Saturn. Within an orb of 5 trading days we may expect a trough to form. That is September 10th.

On 7th September Sun forms a waxing square with Jupiter. This is another granddaddy of an aspect. With an orb of six days, we may expect a powerful reversal, on either side. That is if prices are falling into September 17th, then buy. If they are climbing into a crest, then sell.

And on September 19th, 09.15 am, Uranus and Pluto form their second square of the year. A day later Sun trines Ketu and sextiles Rahu.

On September 27, Venus squares Mars. On September 30, Mars enters Scorpio, where it can do as it pleases. On October 2nd, Mars conjuncts Rahu. We will discuss these distant aspects in the coming weeks.

We do have an array of planetary aspects coming up. One thing is certain. Energy levels in the markets will pick up and there will be several opportunities to make money, provided we sincerely follow the price movements and take positions where the risk rewards are in our favor. Astro principles are only guidelines. Once the price moves in the direction of our anticipation, these principles will help us take trades with increased confidence.

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