Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Indian Indices and Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter comes to the same celestial position in Taurus, once every 12 years.Last two occasions were in June 88-89, June 2000-01.And now in May 2012- 2013.

Jupiter entered Taurus on May 17, 2012.
Nifty 11th house: 20:14:16 in Taurus
Interestingly, India`s Ascendant is 20:0:47 in Taurus.
28th August Jupiter moves into Nifty`s 11th house.
On 4th October, Jupiter turns retro at 22:25:57
On 10th Nov, Jupiter moves back into the tenth.
On 30 Jan 2013, Jupiter turns direct.
On 14th April, 2013, Jupiter moves into 11th again.
And leaves Taurus on May 2013.
In 1988-89,Jupiter formed a significant low, after entering Taurus. 
Immediately after entering 20" Taurus,Jupiter caused a low.And leaves Taurus on a high note. In fact soon in Leo it forms a major top.Jupiter had formed a waxing trine with Saturn in March 1988, which was a major low.

In contrast the movement of Jupiter through Taurus in 2000-01 saw Nifty drift downwards.11 days before entering the 11 th house of Nifty ( 20"Taurus) Nifty forms a low and rises right through Jupiter entry into 11 th house..Jupiter was emerging from  a conjunction from Saturn at this time.

Fast forward to 2012. Jupiter is emerging out of a waning trine with Saturn. So the patterns  could be similar to 1988-89. Also every time Uranus- Pluto square was at hand, and Jupiter was in Taurus, the US Markets blew through Taurus  and formed a major crest when Jupiter was in Gemini,fell through Cancer and formed a major bottom in Leo. Leo.Since the markets are more synchronized now, Indian markets may also improve when Jupiter is in Taurus  and top out when Jupiter moves to Leo.


  1. It seems jup retro could mark the top for nifty
    for the year 2012.

  2. It seems so. But of course all other planetary inputs also needs to be taken.