Monday, August 27, 2012

Nifty Lunar effects August 27 to 31, 2012

Within the larger context of market movements explained in other posts today,based on stellar positions of the Moon and its sub lord movements, we may hazard the following probabilities:This week, markets may drift lower till a reversal commences on August 31.
August 27: Moon is in Venus: Market may begin normally, even improve and then dip lower intraday. Recovery by close.
August 28: Moon is in Sun. Recovery of late evening may continue today
August 29;: Moon is in Moon star. Negative day.
August 30.  Moon is in Mars star. Negativity should continue
August 31: Negativity may continue Reversal upwards expected.
Intraday probability  techniques are very much under development. So please see the price movement and enter trades with the highest risk reward ratio in your favour.                                                                                                                                    

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  1. As we approach the 55 month cycle by 31 august -15 September-2012, it would be really interesting to watch the markets to exhibit signs of either FULL moon or New moon.
    From April 2003 bottom(920 nifty) TO 8-1 -2008(6357 nifty) nifty rallied one way for- 5437 POINTS IN 55 MONTHS.
    From 8.1.2008 till 9 sept 2012 nifty will completes 55 months corrective phase wherein it made a low of 2250 and a high of 6338.
    Now the million dollar question is will this corrective phase end? or still continue?.
    Will it shed the New Moon phase and enlighten to FULL Moon phase.
    Lets see which path will nifty chalk out in its ROAD MAP?
    rajendra k wadher