Monday, September 3, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals- Astro analysis for Sept 03 to 07, 2012

The previous week we had ended trading,on the verge of a Full Moon.In fact the Full Moon occurred at 19.28 hrs, ( for Mumbai coordinates,) on August 31, 2012.In our previous week`s post, we had mentioned that Moon reaches Maximum Latitude at 03.44 hours on August 31 and on the same day Moon crosses the Celestial Equator from South to North.  So we have three lunar events happening in the same time band-August 30 to September 01, 2012.Such a phenomena generally leads to change in psychological mindset of the masses and that may reflect in the markets.Usually there is a reversal in price directions. Since we were trending down with the Nifty, we may expect a reversal shortly.

I have created a simple tabulation which records the various aspects of the week.Aspects are recorded date wise for the period September 03 to 07in the first left column.If an aspect continues for more than one day, then it is repeated for both the days. The second column, called Orb days, gives us the time band in which a particular aspect will be in vogue.( Effects of an aspect could extend beyond the time band, depending on the planets involved in the aspect.)
Aspects represent build up of special energies represented by the participant planets. The energy is re;eased into action only when a trigger planet gets connected. Most often it is the Moon.So the third column is about when Moon will connect with the aspect under consideration.Fourth column tells us the approximate period when these aspects could manifest.And the fifth column depicts the expected effect overall on the market. I have used Universal colour coding, where Red is negative and Green is positive. All other hues in between reflect market conditions in between.For example Mustard would represent a change in trend, from Negative to Positive.
Observations written beneath the tabulation are a record of the planetary effects on the Natal chart of Nifty, by the transiting planets.
Please click on the table and enlarge it for better viewing.


 As always, these are all guidelines.Markets may agree or disagree with our observations.Over time we are seeing correlations, but always please wait for the price to confirm the direction of our expectations. Only then take a trade, that too with strict stop loss.
Have a great week of trading.


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