Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals: Intra day updates of Astro Trading- September 26, 2012

With a continuous third day fall, the internals of the present up move from September 05, 2012, have changed. It appears that the Minor fourth wave is not complete.3rd seems to have been completed on September 17, at 5652.20.The ensuing correction was wave a and the big up thrust could be wave b. This means wave c is in progress.

We observe that wave b>wave a.
Also wave b>138.20% of wave a. In fact wave b did cover 1.578 the distance of wave a .It looks like an Irregular Failure is forming. If so wave c should not go below 5535.It is likely that wave c could terminate around 5603. In such an eventuality wave c and wave would be equal.
If wave c falls below   5535, then a little more time consuming triangle with 5 legs could be forming
However the post pattern formation ought, to be powerful, in the direction of the impulse.. .
Since Moon will be conjunct Neptune and squaring the Nodes, on September 27,Sun is about to get into a square with Uranus, Mars and Venus are squaring each other and Mars is slated to enter Scorpio on September 28, 2012.                     .
These look negative. Corrections should continue over the week end.
Interesting to note that the astro formations were indicating changes in the wave form quite in advance.


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    1. Dear Ricky,
      Thank you for your comment. But I have not understood its intent or relevance. Can you be clearer?

  2. Dear Sir,

    Shastriji's blog mentions:

    Oct overview:

    Though the Sept ends on bullish note, it’s time to get out of ‘longs’ till Fri EOD.. as this Sept high in Nifty may hold till mid Nov.

    So,if wave c falls below 5535,then what could be lower target ?

    1. Dear Rajendarji,
      Even last week the planetary situations were negative. Yet the markets did not correct too much. This month the strength looks better.At least till October 19th, the markets should be up completing their upward rythm,with a dip between October 11 to 13/14.Therafter declines could set in.
      And we have quite convincingly, with good volumes, crossed 5629, the previous strong resistance. Unless the structure changes dramatically, I do not anticipate falls to 5535 levels.Of course, since I take positions only based on market movements, I hope to be ready if such an eventuality materialises!

  3. Dear Friend,

    Full moon arrives on Sunday 30 Sept 2012. What's your view on Rise before a Full Moon & Drop after a Full Moon?


  4. Dear Raj,
    There are several lunar phenomena which collectively influence the markets. Full Moon or New Moon is just one of them. Please see my latest posting. There I would have described Moon`s distance ( Apogee or Perigee),Latitude, Declinations, whether other planets are forming big declinations etc. Only if there are multiple lunar fomationd close by should we think of situation as described by you.
    Incidentally market did rise on September 28 and we may expect a negative bias on Monday. But I would be reluctant to take a short position tomorrow, because my anticipation is of animprovemnt from October 04. Please see my present post, dated September 30, 2012.
    Thank you writing this query, Raj.