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Nifty Astro Technicals for Oct 15 to 19 2012

Let us begin our analysis of the week October 15 to 19, with Astro indicators.
To locate any place on earth we require two kinds of coordinates- Longitude and Latitude. Similarly to better understand the probabilities of occurrence or non-occurrence of any event, we need both longitudinal as well as latitudinal Astro calculations.
Our traditional Astro analysis is mostly used based on the longitudinal position of various planets across the Astro charts.  This is why, for a fuller understanding I have been posting the declination charts. They give a latitude based understanding and bring us a little closer to interpret what the stars really are saying. Latitude positions do give a reversal time period, which may then be fine-tuned with other Astro methods.
For example, in the recent past I had posted the following declinations chart. October 04/ 05 and 11/12 were suggested as reversal dates and we all know what happened in the markets.
Let us look at an example of combining longitudinal and latitudinal studies- As per longitudinal studies; Jupiter became retrograde on October 04 as per regular chart studies (longitudinal.) As per Latitudinal studies, Jupiter reached an extreme declination level on 2nd October. So a reversal was indicated, which manifested on October 05th. More research should reveal how to exactly pin point the time of reversal, during trading hours.

Let us look at the declinations chart for this week-October 15 to 19, 2012.We also have the declination values in a tabulation here, for better understanding.
·         We see that there is a Moon-Sun declination conjunction (decl- conj) on October 15. This also happens to be a New Moon, which means Moon and Sun are in the same longitude, in Virgo, on this date. This makes this New Moon very powerful and maybe eventful.
·         Decl-Conj are just like regular longitudinal conjunctions. They produce results based on the nature of the planets involved in the conjunction. We also notice we have a Moon-Saturn decl-conj on Oct 15 and a Moon Neptune decl conjunction on October 16. Since October 11 reversal was positive for the markets (by positive I mean increase in value), we may expect these conjunctions to increase positivity.
·         Both Mercury and Pluto are unfavorable for Nifty. So the declination conjunction on Oct 19 could spell trouble. Sun-Saturn decl-conj may neutralize things a bit, but since Moon reaches its lowest point of Southern Declination we may expect a reversal from October 19th onwards. 

Please have a look at the table above .Planets in the Northern Latitude are denoted by N along-with their coordinates and planets in the Southern Latitudes are denoted by S with their coordinates. When a planet in the Northern latitude and a planet in the Southern Latitude have the same coordinates, then they behave as if they are in opposition to one another. On October 12/ 13, Sun and Venus were more or less in opposition and despite Venus being in its own star, we did see a decline on Friday, October 12, even though the positive trend remained intact. In the same time, Mars and Jupiter were also getting into opposition, from somewhat extreme positions. Positions described earlier have been highlighted.
Please see the position of Jupiter and Moon on October 19. They are also in an opposition mode. This again suggests a reversal.


Now we have a look at the traditional KP Astro longitudinal charts.

The New Moon participants, Sun and Moon in Virgo are in a trine with Natal Sun and Venus. Natal Mercury and transiting Mercury are also moving into a trine. Transiting Sun and Moon are also in a trine with Uranus. Transiting Ketu is conjunct with Natal Jupiter and Saturn.
This formation suggests an improvement in the market for the near term  
Let us see how the weekend chart looks like. The picture seems to change a little reddish.

Transiting Sun gets into square with Natal Rahu. Transiting Venus is getting all square with Natal Sun and Venus. Moon which is the trigger point is getting into an opposition with Natal Sun and Venus. Transiting Moon of course has to be square to transiting Venus, for that. This suggests a topping out possibly by the weekend or early next week.


Since October 15, happens to be a New Moon, let us look at the New Moon chart itself. Ruling planets are Saturn, Mars and Moon with secondary support from Rahu.

See this chart for October 18, 2012:

On October 18, 15.15 pm, Moon reaches 11.48.10 degrees in Scorpio. This quarter of the sky is conjointly ruled by Mars-Saturn and Moon. So this could be a significant turning date. This happens to be the 9th house, which is 12th of tenth. Sun would also have entered its debilitation house, Libra,  by then.

Now for the last chart of this blog post:
November 06, 12:59 pm:

On November 06, 12.59 pm, Moon will be in Cancer at 12:08:07.This point will be governed by Moon –Saturn-Mars-Mars. That will also be the worst debilitation point for Sun in Libra and Venus in Virgo. That could mark a low point for Nifty.
Will all this come to pass? Only the Creator knows!
But nothing wrong in examining isn`t it? Maybe over time we will develop enough techniques to help us predict the markets better.
Till then trade safely with no anticipation, and with stop losses. Let us examine the waves of Nifty in another post.
Have a wonderful week. 

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