Friday, October 26, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals for October 25, 2012

We had expected October 25, to be a "reversal -to -the -positive day and so it did. This despite negative clues and tell tale weakness in International Markets.
But global markets do move in tandem and sooner or later, the deviants fall in place.With lunar negativity strengthening, we may expect Nifty also to weaken from here on.
October 26th is the date, when the Lunar declination crosses from South to North.Moon is in Jupiter. We may expect Nifty to start reversing downward.

With today`s move there has been a rearrangement of the wave counts.

Blue zone is the minimum time period we expect current Wave 04 to travel. Post November 05, we should see the final fifth wave of C of Diametric D unfolding.

Let the new November series, be a very fruitful one! Trade safely, without anticipation- with stop losses!


  1. Sir,I have joined just now.My question is that when u think in next 3 to 5 yrs can sensex touch 40 to 50 thousand.Is it possible.As we are on the same levels as we were 4 yrs ago.PLz answer.

    1. Dear Pankaj,
      Please see today`s post. We discuss the long term view of Indian markets. I have attempted to answer you.

      Warm Regards


  2. From where i can learn these techniques or a book of so.Plz tell.

  3. Technical analysis I use in Universally available.For an Astro analysis, please get a rudimentary knowledge of astrology.Just search for
    KP Astrology in the Net. What I do with astrology is just application of these principles.Follow the blog post and try to decipher the description given by me on Astrology. If you follow it systematiclly and question me wherever Iam unclear or vague, that in itself will make you very familiar with Financial Astrology and its various forms. After that you may enhance your knowledge by other books, seminars etc.,

    Warm Regards,