Monday, November 12, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals Nov 12, 2012

We had expected reversals on Nov 08 and 09 last week and Nifty promptly turned from 5777 to 5678, the area where we had expected Nifty to settle down. In the process, Nifty had broken the 2-4 upward trend line convincingly. At 5666, Nifty had retraced 57.17% of the up move from 5583.Since it has retraced so much from the top, we conclude that the correction is not over in Wave 4. Currently we are in minor wave E.      It has already completed three smaller waves a,,b and c. Since we expect there is some more time correction left in    wave E, we look to one more set of complex correction a, b and c connected by a missing x wave. This means correction may consume the rest of November as well...

Nov 12
( Mon)
Latitude intersects Distance on Nov 11th.Latitude intersects declination.
Moon is in Mars star and moves through the subs of Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun and Moon. Mars and Moon are sextile. Rahu is in the midpoint of Moon and Mars. Moon is in trine with Neptune, which has turned direct.

Nov 13
( Tue)
Muhurat Trading at 16.45

Moon is in Jupiter star- in the subs of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter QC with Moon.
Muhurat should be the continuation of Monday-two way moves but with a positive bias.
Nov 14
( Wed)
Market Holiday
Super New Moon at 03:39 am. Moon perigee at 15:48.Latitude crosses Celestial Equator.
Total Solar Eclipse starts at 1.08 am with the central portion around 03.38 am.
TSE happens in Libra, and Venus, the sign lord is pretty debilitated. During the critical phase of the Eclipse, Sun and Moon will be in Jupiter star, in the sub of Venus.

Nov 15
Declination bottoms out at 21:33 hours. Nodes are unusually direct from Nov 15 to 18.
Moon in Mercury star, where Mercury is retrograde and is in Saturn star. Moon squares Jupiter. Retro Mercury square Neptune direct. Mercury is close to Rahu-Ketu axis.
The slow up move seen from Monday may continue.
Nov 16
Growth period ending.
Moon in Ketu star, along with Mars. So Moon conjunct Mars. Sun moves into Scorpio.
Positive, but the growth period is ending. So expect reversal from top. Maybe good place to short the market…
Nov 17
Mercury at extreme declination. Distance and declination intersection.
Moon irritates the Uranus- Pluto square. Venus enters Libra. Sun conjunct Rahu- opp Ketu. Sun square Neptune along with Rahu.

Nov 18
Start of retardation period. Mars at extreme declination.

Nov 19
Retardation period continues. Nodes become usual retrograde.
Moon in Moon star. Trine with Jupiter.

We have still not reached a comfortable trading zone. All indices are buffeted by too many news items from all over the world. But then this is also a phase of trading life..
So please trade carefully with stop losses always. Also whatever I have said here are mere conjectures. Let us wait to see the action unfold before we commit any money into the markets.

In the meanwhile, A wonderful and auspicious Diwali is waiting for you...!

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