Monday, December 24, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals-A very short term look

Looking at the faster retracement from 5824 on December 18, it was assumed that wave 3 of 5 had started. But subsequent movements have proven that wave 2 corrections are still continuing.In the complex correction   which is currently on, one more down-leg looks imminent. The important question is will it break the channel of correction?

 In the meantime….
Yesterday`s peaceful protest turning into a violent  affair was sad and disturbing. We did discuss YOD and how change is imminent. Uranus and Pluto will ensure that....
But it is also the season of Forgiveness and Celebration.....So here is a reflection

"Every act of violence has the seed of peace
When the world was similarly in unease
A divine soul incarnated here as Jesus
To spread Love and Peace among us
Once again in these times of strife
We remember His words of life
And celebrate Serenity and Love
As Christmas, gaiety and laughter, hand in glove
Let Him touch you all
And let peace and prosperity begin this fall.
Happy Christmas!"
Detailed Astro Analysis shall be taken up on December 25.
Happy and safe trading!

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