Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals a few concepts explained

Some of you had asked that the Astro charts where Nifty price movements are placed on planetary timelines, are difficult to understand and that they be explained a little bit. Iam reproducing the charts with some explanation. Hope this helps.

Let us understand these vertical lines a little better.
Thick Blue Lines are dates when Jupiter and Sun are 90 degrees apart in the zodiac. This is called a square formation.
Thick orange lines are dates when Jupiter and Sun are 120 degrees apart in the zodiac. This is called as a trine formation.
Thick bluish tinged lines are Sun opposite Jupiter. This is when Sun and Jupiter are 180 degrees apart.
Look at September 07, 2012, at the far left of the chart. What do we see? Just one day before this aspect, Nifty bottomed out and reversed direction, to the upside. This is when Sun was square Jupiter.
Next see October 09, 2012, orange line. Again we see that, two days before the formation of Sun Jupiter trine, Nifty topped out and reversed direction.
Next see, the bluish tinged line on December 03, 2012.Within three days of this Sun- Jupiter opposition, we see Nifty topped out and reversed downwards.
So what is our logical deduction? When Sun and Jupiter form aspects with each other, either square, trine, opposition or conjunction (I have not given examples of this yet), the market reverses either before or after the formation. Right?
Now look at the thick orange line on the extreme right side, on January 25, 2013.What do we see? Sun will trine Jupiter on that date. So going by our logic, Nifty should reverse direction either a few days before or after this aspect, correct? Let us park this deduction for a moment.
Now, in the chart,
Thick blue dotted lines are when Venus squares Jupiter.( We do know what a square means, don`t we?)
Thick orange dotted lines are when Venus trines Jupiter.
Thick bluish tinged lines are when Venus conjuncts Jupiter.
Let us now decipher these aspect effects...
On October 16, when Venus squared Jupiter, there was only a small reversal for two or three days. Essentially the market was in a congestion zone. There are other Astro reasons for this which we will see later.
On November 08, 2012, when Venus was trine Jupiter, Nifty topped out and reversed a day earlier.
On December 21, 2012, when Venus was square Jupiter, Nifty bottomed out and reversed upwards.
So what can we conclude? Most often when Venus and Jupiter are in aspects to one another, we can expect reversals. Sometimes based on other Astro signatures, effects can be nullified also. Sun Jupiter combinations appear more potent compared to Venus Jupiter combinations.

There are two more vertical bands to decipher.
One is mentioned as “Venus play with Uranus and Pluto and is shown in a blue band encompassed within blue datelines. This simply means that on January 14, Venus was square with Uranus and on January 16, Venus was conjunct Pluto. So what does this mean? Let us look at what happened when this occurred last time...
See the following chart. This was posted this Sunday, in fact it is one of a series which I had given in that post.
On November 25, 2011, Venus was square Uranus. Nifty bottomed out and reversed upwards. Soon after within two days of Pluto conjunction, Nifty topped out and again reversed. Now are these directions certain to happen? We can by no means be sure, because Uranus rules unpredictability. It can cause the market to go either way, often breaking supports and resistances.
Still yesterday, on January 14, 2013, Nifty reversed its short term downtrend and moved upwards again. On January 16, 2013, again Venus is conjunct Pluto. So there is a possibility of the upward movement getting terminated. If so on what date could that happen? Is there any astrological event in vogue?
To know that let us look at yet another chart… (Sorry, to put up so many of these!)
This is about Sun Mercury cycles. Imagine the Sun as an eternal hunter and Mercury as his hunting dog. Sun will never be retrograde and Mercury will frequently become retrograde.
So on Feb 06, 2012, Mercury catches up with the Sun from behind. In other words, the dog catches up with its master and enthusiastically runs forward. 

On March 13, 2012, Mercury turns retrograde ahead of the Sun. That is the hunter pulls the leash and makes the dog come towards it. Then on March 22, 2012, Sun catches up with Mercury, which is still retrograde. Now the Sun moves ahead and leaves Mercury in its retrograde motion. On April 04, 2012, Mercury turns direct and joyfully moves forward to conjunct its Master on May 28, 2012. And again runs forward to become retrograde on July 16, 2012. And the celestial cycle gets repeated endlessly.
Look at the red circles. Those are dates when Mercury was coming from behind and conjuncting Sun. We find there were reversals happening at that point. Most often the reversal effect is magnified or diminished by other Astro aspects and signatures nearby.
Now come back to the last circle, on the extreme right of the chart. Mercury is coming from behind and is about to conjunct Sun  on January 18, 2013, Friday. With the Astro signatures of Venus square Uranus and Venus conjunct Pluto nearby, could this be a turning date?
And continuing till January 25 (give or take a few days,) because we have Sun trine Jupiter, then?
The probability looks good isn`t it?
So we are anticipating a probability of Nifty moving up till January 18, and then reacting till January 25? Which wave scenario will unfurl? Let us wait and see.
Just read all the bold text together and you will see the logic of the jist.
I hope the Astro aspects juxtaposed on the Nifty daily charts do make sense now?
Let us not worry about how many such cycles are there. I shall keep bringing them up to as and when they occur. Only thing is I may not be able to explain so much in detail. But once you understand the basic principles, the rest is easy.
Remember; please consider Astrology as a leading indicator. Whether it is support or resistance or MACD or RSI we look to see past patterns recurring is it not? We base our deductions on that basis alone, right? Similarly we are using Astro cycles to give us some indications as to what the market could do.
One word of caution, is that do not get carried away and throw caution to the winds. I never trade without protection, even if Iam doubly sure. I have survived in the markets since 1990 solely because of risk management.. I did not even have computers back then. I remember plotting Reliance prices on graph charts manually. So with all the technology around and so much of knowledge around it is far easier to make money today, provided we take care of the fundamental principles of money management and risk management.
Let me also remind you, Iam only a humble student of astrology and technical analysis. So please do not take it on me, even if things do not turn out as I postulate here. But the experience is sure to enrich our trading lives, going forward.
Have a great day of trading, today and tomorrow!  


  1. sir i am vastly interested in astrological science.i followed your blog for a month.i am totally attached to your style and humbler request you is can u be my number 9741413571.i assure i will be dedicated and committed student of yours

    1. Dear Kiran,
      I do not know whether Iam knowledgeable enough to be a Guru.Let me be your friend and share with you all I know about financial astrology.In fact I have been encouraging people to come up with their views, ideas and arguments so that all of us could be benefited. If you wish to mail me privately, my mail id is
      And thank you for your confidence in me Kiran. I know for sure that this science can be a very good arsenal to us traders, so that we approach the markets with that additional sense of confidence.
      My only draw back is paucity of time!

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  2. Thank you Simons, for the link. I shall certainly look into it.

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  3. Thank you so much Suresh.
    Your time for me to explain the concept, ill never forget that.
    Great explanation, dog and master excellent.

    Now it makes sense why you consider jan 18th important.
    Yes, i agree you will not be able to explain in detail in future, but ill try to understand.

    Thanks again Suresh

  4. Dear Jinoy,

    Whenever time permits I shall put up articles which can serve as simple introduction to the Astro concepts and their applications to the market in real time.
    Regarding the date 18th, it is just a postulation. We will be learning if the event happens or does not happen. The important thing is to analyse the happening or event vis a vis our postulates and correct ourselves. The amount of understanding this particular style of functioning could bring is pretty huge.
    Thank you asking my friend. Iam sure your question and my answer must have reached several others who did not ask but had the doubts within.

    Warm Regards,


  5. Dear Suresh pls whenever time permits pls pls do publish such wonderfully explained articles. Looking forward for more of such lessons. Thank you so much.