Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals Jan 02 2013

Nifty has begun wave 3 of wave 5 of C of Diametric D ( This last will be proven only if Nifty tops below 6336, which was the November 2010 top.If Nifty crosses 6336, then we will consider the ABC correction from Jan 2007 top, as a Flat with C wave failure, because C had retraced only about 44% of B.In such a case, we will expect the present wave 5 to extend and top out somewhere in May 2013.. As of now, the diametric is still in play..   )
Here is the full wave count from December 2011....

And here is wave 5 of C of D in focus...

So 6123 levels and the time period January 10 to 14, is of prime importance..

Here is the 15 min chart...
On January 03, Mars will trine Jupiter ( R)
On January 08,Mars will square Saturn. ( Both are exalted )  
On January 10 from , Venus will sextile Neptune.
From January 10 to 14, as many as 5 planets will be in volatile Sagittarius and they will be in aspect from Saturn and Uranus.By January 15, Rahu moves into Libra, and enhances the power of Rahu.
So January 08 to 14 maybe a volatile period.
On January 23, Mercury trines Jupiter.
On January 26  Sun trines Jupiter.So up-trend may resume from January 23 onwards.
On January 31, Jupiter becomes direct.
So up-move up to 14th, corrections up to 23 and resumed up moves from January 23, is seemingly on the cards.
But then Nifty knows best and so follow her for confirmation.


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  2. Hi Suresh

    As per my analysis we can label D wave as B wave. Let me tell you how.
    In the img "Nifty Daily Jan 02 2013", label C as A [of C wave] of dec 2011.
    Then the current ABC formation is B Wave [of C wave], next Move will be C [of C wave] probably a 5 way down move, which will complete C wave, so C wave hasn't failed so far.
    This is just my view.


  3. Dear Jinoy,
    Thank you for your views. Your count also is a possibility, but for two concerns.
    1.According to you, the current rise from Dec 2011 is Primary Wave B. Which is an ABC intermediate correction. Of that intermediate, we are supposed to be in wave C from June 2012 onwards. This wave C would have achieved an equality of 1.618 times Wave A when it reaches 6568. The problem is already by November 30, this C wave has achieved 2,618 of Wave A time wise.
    2. Second, if we assume,the low of December 2011 was Primary wave A, what will the previous rise to Nov 2010 top be? Will it be an impulse wave? Something which began from October 2008 or March 2009? That rise does not look impulsive at all.Then will we conclude that the fall from 2008 January to October 2008, had completed the entire rise from 2003 onwards? Looks a little unlikely to me.
    So we come back to square one.
    If the current rise is wave D of the diametric corrective pattern, then it must end before 6336.Then we have a large down-leg E and then an up-leg F followed by a relatively small G ending the multi-year bear market.
    The new concern for me here is, can this D leg go beyond 6336 and still be valid? I ask this question because Iam facing an astrological dilemma with Elliott waves..
    This concerns the presence of Jupiter in Taurus.This big boy will leave Taurus only by May 31, 2013. Whenever he was in Taurus he has always allowed the trend to continue.So the bid question for me is, can there be a fifth wave extension both price wise and time wise, up-to May 2013? I know, my assumptions look crazy but I don`t yet know of a reconciliation.

    Warm Regards,


  4. No, it doesnt sounds crazy at all, my theory down might sound crazy.
    I would like to keep the labling as you have named it. March 2009 as A, Nov 2010 as B. Now the rest if wave is C which is till in progress (and as per your point 1 this is not possible).
    I do understand what you say and i too dont agree fall from 2008 January to October 2008, had completed the entire rise from 2003 onwards.

    Coming back to May 31 2013, that i think is near to 13 month. As per my understanding of taurus from you is it exits on may 31 2013, then the curent trend might end.
    I have a theory which might not be right at all, what if dec 2011 to feb 2012 is an impluse wave 1 followd by correction wave 2 and now from june 2012 to jan 2013 is wave 3, which will be followed by wave 4 correction (since 2 was complex correction wave 4 might be simple and might complete in 1 or 2 month) followed by final wave 5 which will be fast will end till may 31.
    Now how this complete 5 wave fits in the big picture is what iam not sure off.

    Is this possible suresh or is this one actually crazy.

  5. Jinoy, interesting thinking. Let us keep this possibility also alive.Then Wave A from Dec 20 2011 to Feb 22 2012, will be 1094 in 46 days.And Wave C from June 4 2012 could be upto or beyond May 31, 2013 and go up by 1769, which is 1.618 times wave A.It will be a classical zig zag with elongation possibly.
    Let us see what Nifty is going to do, a fifth wave extension or an elongated zig zag or a diametric!

    Warm Regards,