Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals Jan 28 to Feb 01,2013

We look at the current week by going into a future date (Feb 08 2013) and then travelling towards this week (Jan 28 to Feb 01, 2013.)
What do we see?

Jupiter after turning direct comes back to form a trine with Natal Neptune. This trine formation will be for the second time ( the last time we saw this was on January 22, 2013.And Nifty reacted from 6101 to 6008, in 2 two days. But since the trine formation continued to be intact then, Jupiter was moving retro into further inner movements with Neptune, we did not see further reactions.
But from Feb 08 onwards, Jupiter is going to gather speed and move away from Natal Neptune, which means the basic bullish trine formation will begin to develop serious cracks.  ……………………….(1)
By Friday the 13th, Rahu in Libra will be squaring Natal Uranus- this is indicative of more long term trouble……(2)
Mars and Mercury join hands and attack Jupiter squarely. Effect to be seen on Feb 11, Monday……(3)
While Sun forms a conjunction with Natal Uranus, more troubling is the square shown between Sun, Rahu and Ketu…..(4)
At 13:37 degrees Venus has completed its positive trine with Jupiter. ….(5)
There are no smaller or faster planets left in the arc Scorpio to Capricorn, to form trines with Jupiter……..(6)
Again, on Feb 11, Monday, Venus will be square with Saturn…(7)
So looking at the font colours, it looks like predominantly things are going to be downhill from February 08 onwards. But remember, the bid fella, Jupiter is in Taurus and he does not like changing trends when in Taurus. So between February 2013 and May 2013, we may expect a topping out, (the 5 wave phenomena), wave A downwards and a big wave B upwards, which may rival the tops in February, whether it is 6100 or 6200 or 6300, is immaterial.  
After Taurus, by May end, Jupiter moves into Gemini. Gemini is a dualistic sign and even worse, in Gemini, Jupiter will get into a square aspect with Uranus and an opposition aspect with Pluto. But all these are currently far away in August 2013 ( in fact we could witness an unholy trine relationship with Saturn somewhere in July 2013, where everything will look rosy for some time..) and so let us get back to the only thing which is real—the present moment. Now!
Let us back track. Between January 28 and February 11, there are ten trading days.
Astrologically, at least we expect February 08, to be a tipping point. What may happen in between?
On January 28, we are emerging out of a Sun-Jupiter trine. And Venus is emerging out of a trine with Ketu. But with Mercury in Moon and Moon in Mercury, Monday could be a slightly negative day. In fact with a Full Moon on January 27, 2013, we are on a Full Moon deviation period that is Moon is between Full Moon and First Quarter. And when Moon is in Cancer, historically we had always had a low which could be January 28. (Mind you, Iam not talking about a bottom, but a low).
We can buy a little confidently because traditionally the next Lunar top can be in Libra which is on February 04; 2013.It is also a Jupiter day- a direct Jupiter day.
So short on Monday morning, buy during the dying moments of January 28, 2013, hold it till January 31, closing hours. Short again on January 31, and cover on 04th evening. Simultaneously buy and sell everything on February 08th.
This is what Financial Astrology says. But let us be prudent shall we? Let us wait for the dame, Nifty to tell us what she intends to do? Let us follow the price movements first before deciding to trade.

Have a great week of trading! As a true blooded technician I have chosen to ignore the fundamental reality of RBI Interest rate effects and consequent market reactions.After all, we traders believe that the price reflects all other effects don`t we?  


  1. Thanks a lot for your hard work & guidance it really helps me as a trader.....God bless you !!

  2. Hi Suresh

    Today it seems like a reversal day, elliot wave has completed it 3rd wave as far as my analysis goes, what do you say.
    It should correct deeply which is wave 4.