Friday, March 1, 2013

Astro Technicals -March 01, 2013

It was Budget blues for Nifty.It cracked to form 5600+ levels. The expected first level bottom of 5548 is now not very far away.

Here are some interesting charts....


  1. Hi Suresh

    i have one doubt, as per the astro till may mid is uptrend. So lets assume from march 4th on wards it is going to go up.
    What is the confusion is the current fall should be a ABC correction in which A is on going B might start on march 4th and after which is again a down fall. So remaining days till may it has to go up and it should be fast move.

    Or is it really a ABC correction or beginning of Main trend.

    Is my assumption right.


  2. Dear Jinoy,
    The larger Main trend is corrective Diametric wave E which will be confirmed once Nifty breaks 5548.This E has three legs at least. ( We do not yet know- it may have 5 or 7 also.)Leg A of E is the one which is going on.It has not ended yet. After which upward B could commence. We have 66 trading days for June 01, 2013.We could see a time consuming complex move in wave B which last this while and keep moving the Nifty upwards.Thereafter the effect of Jupiter wanes away and then we could have the final C wave of E.
    This is just my current thinking Jinoy.This will obviously be modified as time goes by.Our trading should of course be based on what Nifty does on the screens in front of us.

  3. Hi Suresh,
    just a curious query. can we analyse the astrological formations for stocks which have turned out to be super duper multibaggers over the years and see whether there is any common pattern for such stocks which have ended up giving hugeee returns to shareholders over the years.
    Coming across such a pattern one could analyse and find a pattern amongst todays midcaps stocks and potential large cap ones having sound fundamentals and favourable astro formations...

    Would be absolutely thrilling for everyone on this blog if you could put across something like this over here :)

    1. Hi Ankit,
      It is certainly possible to do so. For that we need authentic first trade dates for those stocks. It would be even better if we have their dates of incorporation. In the US there are vendors who supply such details even the time of incorporation of such companies. In the absence of such authentic data, what we get will at best be an approximation...
      Let me post for one stock as an illustration...
      Thanks anyway for your suggestion. It is certainly worth considering and acting upon..

      Warm Regards



  5. Thank you Sanjay Sir. I have a post on Mercury retrograde and Nifty. Hope you enjoy it.

    Warm Regards