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Nifty Astro Technicals March 09 to 13, 2015

After taking positive cues from the budget markets moved up for two days, March 02 and 03.A surprise rate cut announcement by RBI pushed Nifty to an all-time high of 9119 and thereafter a severe profit booking session pulled Nifty down to close at 8923 points, on March 04. A sedate recovery saw Nifty end the week at 8938.
Overall for the week, Nifty moved up from 8845 to 8938 and formed a Northern Doji. This is a neutral candle stick pattern with price likely to move in both directions.
There are several inter market divergences. US moved down, whereas Dax soared in a strong uptrend. FTSE moved lower. Nikkei moved up for the week, whereas Hang Seng crashed heavily. So we see the markets are tossed and turned around with no clear world trend seen.

With absence of cues here, let us look at our Astro Indicators.
We see we are right in the middle of a geocosmic storm with several planetary energies at cross purposes to one another.
As mentioned last week, we are in the middle of Uranus Jupiter trine effect of which ends on March 17 2015.
Saturn is about to turn retrograde on March 14th (market effect on March 16th).This is a significant cosmic event.
The final Uranus Pluto square is on March 17th.This is another significant cosmic event with tremendous change potential affecting all of the world.
All the above are slow moving long term planets.
In between we have the fast moving planets engaging these slow guys causing additional turmoil.
From February 22 onwards,
Venus and Mars one after the other have trined Saturn. Sun will do so on March 25th. But that will be to a retrograde Saturn.
Venus and Mars have both formed conjunctions to Ketu and opposition to Rahu.
Sun will do so on March 30, 2015. In between Moon will join Sun and both will oppose Rahu. This is what we call Solar Eclipse and will happen on March 20, 2015.
On March 04, Venus was trine with Jupiter
On March 10th, Mars will trine Jupiter.
Sun will trine Jupiter on April 2nd.
On March 05, Venus was conjunct Uranus and square Pluto
On March 11,Mars will be conjunct Uranus and square Pluto
On April 06 Sun will square Pluto and on April 07th, Sun will conjunct Uranus.
In a nutshell, slow moving planets are in aspects to one another. Fast moving planets are also engaging the slow moving planets, in conjunctions, trines, and squares.
Now, let us decipher the market action with respect to these aspects.
1.     Uranus Pluto squares

We see that the market moves up towards the Uranus Pluto square. Only time it peaked earlier than the exact date, was in December 2014. That is possibly because Jupiter turned retrograde on December 08, 2014, at least a week earlier to Uranus Pluto square date. This time we have Saturn turning retrograde two days before the exact date of Uranus Pluto square date.So overall we may expect this positivity to stay till March 16th.
2.     Saturn Retrograde 
Saturn retrograde is a time when all actions done during the Saturn direct cycle is brought up for close examination and Karmic judgments passed. Saturn has karakatwa for Karma. He is the Great Disciplinarian and the Judge. Entire QE program will come up for Judgment. So will the past actions of our Government, with respect to the Budget and other reforms. Retrograde beginnings have mostly been trend changers.

Looking at Saturn retrograde stations in Scorpio, on last two occasions, in 1986 and in 1956, we see that Saturn retrograde, acts a a reversal point for the trend in force till that point of time.So possibly the trend would reverse downwards, after Saturn retrograde starts, on March 14, 2015.  
3.     Uranus Jupiter waxing trines

This is another important aspect which tends to form crests whenever it connects in multiple passages. This means that another crest formation is due from this aspect possibly close to March 12-16, 2015.
Here I have not shown the third passage of Uranus Jupiter trine which takes place from June 08, 2015 to July 04, 2015, with exact trine on June 22, 2015.In the first passage we see the market rising to a crest and then going down from September 23 to October 17th.In the second passage also the market has risen to a crest so far..Normally it would have to go down, but there are larger positive aspects down the line, such as Uranus Pluto square on March 17th, so will the market make another attempt to a high again? This is the expectation we have as of today.
Let us look at something else also...

Mars and Venus are in Pisces and forming several aspects among themselves and with other planets. Venus is exalted in 27 degree of Pisces in Revathi star.On Monday, March 09th she will be in 26 degrees and only on March 10, will she reach 27 degrees. Trend changes generally when Venus moves out of Pisces. Usually she cause a downfall in Pisces and markets recover when she moves to Aries. But the situation is reverse when she is retrograde or when larger planets take over the trend as is the case now. Moreover Mars moves to Revathi from Monday and Mercury is in Mars star as well. In other words there is parivarthana between Mars and Mercury.Such a Mars is in trine with Jupiter.  So it looks like some more uptrend is pending before things turn down decisively.
To sum up, as per Astro, this week may be neutral to positive, but very definitely storm clouds are gathering by the weekend.

Looking at the cycles,

  Nifty continues to move up towards the cycle top of March 12/ 13. There could be heavy volatility this week with huge intra day opportunities. 
From Neo wave perspective, there are two possibilities. 
1. Wave c of c is a diametric, with wave e over at 9119 and currently forming wave f. If so there is one more upleg pending as wave g. That should conclude wave c and it will also conclude abc after 2nd x.
2. Second possibility:Wave c of c is forming an extracting triangle, with currently d leg on. Again one more upleg as e leg is pending.
Of course, if Nifty weakens heavily from here, then we have to conclude that wave c has already topped at 9119 and the downleg has begun already. This seems to be a remote possibility as of now.
Personally my take is to avoid fresh buying. Continue with the existing longs with tight stoplosses and look at the market afresh after March 16/17th.
Best of luck to your trading!


  1. Wonderful effort....I also like ur stock views...if u have time post new stock or updates....

  2. Perfect view covers everything. Markets showing topping out tendencies but I support the third view if nifty futures breaks 8920 ans sustains for 30 min then confirmation of doji similar levels for bank nifty at 19650 futures.

    1. Thank you Niftybaba.Let us wait and see. We will be prepared for any direction Nifty wishes to take!

  3. Good info and work. ...really helpful lot.....thanks

  4. Beautiful explained......thank you.

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    1. hello sir,
      with the retracement happening early than expected the trend has shifted downwards earlier than expected.
      do you think that the shani retrograde motion and stronger mars aspecting Jupiter and shani (post transit in aries) will bring the reversal in the upside.
      nifty has already lost close to 350 points from the top, another few trading sessions can see loss to 700 -800 points correction in nifty.
      can it be said post 23.03.15 when mars transit aries the downside can be capped.

  6. Good morning sureshji,
    A very well explained astro analysis, and defneitly it should be a wait and watch period for next 1 week
    And I really stick to ur analysis.
    Than you

  7. Thanks a very informative column. For a student like me this is a very detailed explanation of the various planetary influence in the gocosmic storm. Will take a while to understand and make note...

    1. Shiva, stick with your study.We will never get a leading indicator like astro.Iam spending a lot of time on Intra day astro.Once I see reasonably correct results we will incorporate those also into these studies.Every day the markets are different.So are the astro positions and aspects.And both are utterly fascinating!

  8. Yes Naveen. This week`s closing is crucial.

  9. Dear Suresh,

    Glad to see you. I'm Naga Bhushana Rao from AP. Recently I came across your site & its fascinating articles and Nifty updates. Your efforts to correlate astro and technicals, really deserves appreciation.

    I recently happened to buy a softcopy of Astro predictions by one author which is not really matching with the one told by you. Kindly provide the EMAIL ID of yours so that I can share it with you so that you can scrutinize the authenticity of the predictions given by him, if it is useful.

    I'm providing the prediction part copied just for your perusal. Kindly go through the same.

    Date 01/03/2015 to 31/03/2015
    March month beginning will be negative but you can avail this
    panic as a buy opportunity because from 2nd March precious
    metals trend will start moving into positive direction. This
    positive direction will remain in power till 6th March and there
    after traders will again see profit booking pressure or sideway
    trading for next 3 days till 9th March. Just after this volatile trend
    precious metals prices will see a small dip on 13th & 14th but
    this negative trend will be best opportunity to buy because we
    will see sharp rebound from lower levels in precious metals till
    20th March evening and here traders can exit there long position
    and wait for right time to sell because from 22nd March or
    onwards planets will generate negative energy in demand which
    create panic selling across the board.

    This rally may remain till month end so before 22nd March
    build position in index and related sectors to avail trading


    Naga Bhushana Rao. D.L.K

  10. Dear Mr.Rao,
    Thanks for your article.From this we cannot know what makes the author decide on a date for a trend.Looking at the date as March 22, I get the feeling that he is connecting with the Solar Eclipse.If you notice I have given my observation and the astro reason for its occurrence.So to confirm his veracity we just have to wait for the dates given by him.Your effort at increasing our collective knowledge base is much appreciated.

  11. can we again see new high sir in this series

    1. Dont know yet Nitin. My take is that markets are going down for a while. 9119 should hold for some time. But that knowledge is irrelevant for a trader. We simply flow with the trend.

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    1. Manoj, only recent images have disappeared. This is something to do with my picasa album setting. Iam getting it sorted out.

    2. ok no problem suresh thanks for updating

  13. Sureshji its mid week time for another update.

    1. Niftybaba, Iam right now recuperating from a surgery. I may not be able to post any updates for a week or two.In simple terms, onset of bearishness earlier is a sign that the market wants to go down. I would prefer sell on rises.

    2. no problem suresh bhai u please take care of ur health

  14. Sir where you gone?
    what to do now?
    short on tomorrow or have to wait for 17 or 18th?

    1. I expect the market to go down further. This could be the first meaningful correction in a while. So use the strategy of sell on rises. My next update would only be on March 22, since I have undergone a surgery and have been advised to be away from the laptop!

    2. Dear sure sh
      Forget market..get well soon
      God bless u

  15. take care ! markets are going to be here forever !

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