Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mars in Taurus 1985 and 2015

From Nifty Astro Technicals April 27 to 30 2015

" May 04th, Mars will be moving to Taurus and Venus to Gemini.Out of these two signs, Taurus is more important, because all planets passing through Taurus must necessarily meet the gaze of Saturn from Scorpio. All of them will have some destabilising effect bestowed upon them because of Saturn.
Let us see how Mars behaved last time it met Saturn opposition from Scorpio....."
 Since Mars is in Taurus for roughly 45 days, the first 0ne third when he traverses in Sun star, he depresses the market. And then there is a rebound...
Common factor is an immediate uptrend and then a pronounced fall..This means markets could turn down sharply in the middle of May and recover only in June, when Mars gets ready to move into Gemini...."


  1. Wonderful post ,THank you Sureshji for giving a more holostic picture. A true research analyst is one who covers all probable outcomes.

  2. Dear sureshji,
    with many thanks, can i take liberty of reminding you to do a post on OIL, S&P
    i realize your constraints with time and i also realize that it may be less important to you than nifty
    with many thanks

    1. Dear Vick,
      Please see the latest post,. It is on Crude. Will try to post on S&P also later. And yes time constraint is heavy. In fact Iam planning to slowly reduce these posts as well. Very difficult to post views with charts, week after week...

    2. Ok, Vick, I have updated Dow Jones also. Not updating wave counts, because there is no change.

  3. Niftybaba, request you to interpret the charts carefully;
    In 1985, when Mars was opposite Saturn,
    1. Mars entered Taurus on April 17. Congestion trade takes place till April 22
    2. Mars opposed Saturn on April 22
    3. 3 days after, on April 25,a small top was formed
    4. There was a good decline
    5. Then a bottom was formed and as Mars progressed into Taurus, market recovered rapidly.
    In 2015,
    1. Mars enters Taurus on May 04
    Volatile trade takes place between May 04 and May 15
    2. Mars forms an exact opposition with Saturn on May 15/18
    3. Will there be a small top by March 22? ( maybe a small trend?)
    4. Then a decline? ( maybe a trend?
    5.Then a bottom and swift recovery? ( definitely a trend?)

  4. Nifty will rise sharply to hit 9100 by 16th June from 18th onwards.

    1. Is it a typo error i.e 7200 or u mean 9100

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  6. No, Saturn was retrograde. Check again please.

  7. yes sir just confirmed.
    . thanks.-)

  8. Sureshji,
    Any change in views ,nifty a bigh 3 week breakout.

  9. Niftybaba, no change in views.Enjoy the breakout.We will only review at the weekend.We had expected this upmove right? This could continue till 22nd.That is our view, right? Still not convinced that a major change has happened.

    1. Tecchi suresh whr do u think sir that the nifty can go from here will it cross 8400

    2. Dear Adwise Media,
      See this post.:
      After the USDINR charts I have given a chart on Nifty daily long term. I have clearly marked levels and directions. there. Read the narration below it. Still if you do not understand, write back to me here.

  10. Will the nifty retrace back after 8400 I am heavily short on the market and my stop loss is 8400 . Plz guide

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  12. Hi, I think a mini-bear market in Nifty may start by 3rd June. You will find my analysis along with detailed charts on my
    neowave blog.