Friday, December 30, 2016

Saturn in Scorpio and outlook


  1. Dear mr.Tekkie suresh,
    your explanations of different planets in Astrology wheel is Beyond comparisions i have never seen on any other sites. many many thanks for making such complex astrology easy to understand.
    with that said, will you please explain from your last article 2017 astro view, you mentioned that first couple of weeks in newyear will be very volatile and may market correct during this time while present article mentions that we may have markets may go up
    with many thanks

  2. Dear Mr. Vick,
    Great Observation! There is no contradiction here. This view is based on Saturn in Sagittarius and it encompasses a 3 year period. In that three year period, Saturn will not aspect Rahu till 2019. When it aspects we expect great volatility. The other post is just a one year period and that too it is only upto April May 2017. So the inner quirks which we expect to see within this period of moves is what is captured in that post. Essentially both posts are dealing with two different time lines.

  3. Further in that article if you notice, we expect the market to move up during Moon dasa, move down during Mars dasa, be volatile during Rahu dasa and move up in Jupiter Dasa. And Jupiter dasa starts in April 2017, So Moon Mars and Rahu periods are between January and April, a mere three months. That is only one twelfth of the period discussed above.So while this one is of a longer term trend, the other one is a very short term trend. I have used two different kinds of Astro approaches to two different time zones. If you gather from my earlier posts of Saturn Neptune square, we still expect that trend to form a top somewhere in May June.Saturn would be in its second trine with Uranus then. So the route to the top is not going to be a one way affair, but a series of up moves and down moves.